Who would and who would not?

Lets say I have a friend who has a WR that is street legal in Washington state. He is thinking about parting out his 98 and buying a 2003. Thing is, he would not sell the frame, and he would keep the Baja Designs kit. Once he had the 2003, he would put the kit and plate from the 98 on it, and keep licensing the 98 that he no longer has.

Now I would never do this, but I have a friend who is thinking about it. Would that fly? Why or why not?



Your killing me.


I sort of doubt the '03 motor mounts and sich will fit the older frame.

The oil lines are different.

The swingarm is different, so the mounts may be positioned differently.

Oops, I just reread the post, the only problem I see then is the VIN on the bike will not match the registration. That could conceivably come back to haunt you.

[reading comprehension edit]

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But yes, I would do it in a heartbeat. Pick up a leftover '02 and have at it.

Nah I wood not but then again I wood, and if I had to I wood dude it again

I don't know about Wash, but in Calif, you could probably get away with it until a cop checked. At that point, your life, as you know it, would be over. LOL.

Seriously, they can make your life miserable here in Calif. It's not worth the chance here.


If a cop EVER checks the frame VIN against the VIN on the registration your 'buddy' is going to be a lot of tap dancing - life could get ugly very quickly......


Good thing I live in Canada ,eh?

Up here you just the bring the bill of sale

on any new bike to the MOT (our DOT) and they will give you a plate. (After they suck your wallet dry in taxes). No safety.

Cool eh?

I realize Your delema . I think you could get away with it ,IF all the parts match up.

Hell you would have another WR with the left over parts. What can they say? The parts ARE interchangable. Just say OOPS I didn't know.

That is if you keep both bikes.

Why cant you get the 03 plated. Has the biteintheasscrats gone ahead and fouled up getting conversion plates in WA?

If the answer is yes, I would do it. Just dont get pulled over, plus the chance of checking the vin on the bike versus the registration is slim.

Last time I talked with the man while riding my non-street legal wr, he only tagged me for no operators license, didnt seem to even care to examine the bikes for insurance, plate, turn signals, etc.

Do what ever you feel comfortable doing, only you can answer that.

If your buddy(or yourself) is going to do something like that why wouldn't you go the extra mile to grind the VIN off of the O3 and stamp in the VIN from the 98 to the 03. It's not like you can't buy the paint to make it look factory. Hell, you could even keep the 98 and switch the plate between bikes. I personally would only do this if you absolutely could not register it the proper way. You could also do the Vermont reg through the mail and try to transfer it to Washington. Eric

If you do the rego thing, I suppose a couple of months down the track you could go back and say that you bent the frame, and you have a new frame, and here is the frame number... The you get to get the new frame number on your registration papers, so if you are pulled over, the frame number will match any paperwork you have...

Just a thought...

Here in AZ we don't have those problems. In WA when was the last year you could street register a wr? Anyway, I would be very carefull to have matching/legal numbers. In the unfortunate event of an accident etc. that kind of stuff is the first place the ambulance chasers check to establish fault for their poor crippled for life client who can no longer work at his lucrative $1 mil per year multi-level marketing job.....LOL

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Basically if you get caught its a misuse of plates. If you were to grind off the vin and apply a different one you are talking some serious problems if caught.

its possible,but tell your friend he would have to file down 2003 vin# and restamp frame with 98's vin #.the only problem with that is one of letters that manufactuer use to stamp #'s has unique characteristic.im not exactly sure what letter it is but i know you cant buy that exact stamp.i only know this because a friend of my crashed his YZF-R1.he bought rolling chasis from cycle salvage and used frame off it.now his reg didnt match vin# and he didnt want to end up with bike with salvage title[no resale value]so he filed down #'s and restamped them.i must admit he did perfect job.he setup a jig to align #'s perfectly when he was done it looked exactly like it was done at factory[so he thought].a couple months later he gets pulled over for something stupid and cop happens to look at vin# on frame.cop then ask him who change vin#'s?my buddy played stupid and told cop he didnt know what he was talking about.bike was impounded buddy was brought into station for questioning.even though my buddy had all the paperwork and bill of sale cop new #'s were changed.he even called bikes previous owner.cop told my buddy whoever did change #'s was a expert the only he could tell was one of letters wasnt same font used by factory.they couldnt prove my buddy stamped vin# or that bike was stolen so they let my buddy go.the only bad thing is they kept his bike.[supposedly it was going to be destroyed]

The Attorney General, Department of Transportation and the State Patrol in Washington state have taken the stance that if a cycle comes from the manufacturer with a designation of "For Off-Road Use Only" there is NOTHING that you can do to make it legal for road use. No conversions are allowed.

In the instance of KTM's, they do not say on the bike either a "For Road Use" or "For Off-Road Use Only", so one is able take those to the State Patrol and get them inspected for street use.

I have never been pulled over by the law on my motorcycle (I have been pulled over many times in my car, and received a ticket dang near every time) but I was with a friend once who was, and the officer was more concerned with the bike he was on not having a DOT approved rear tire. (Then the officer escorted us into the bar because my buddy had a half-rack in his backpack, but that is another story) The officer checked that he was a licensed rider, ensured that the plate on the bike was current, but I do not recall him asking to see the registration. (I don't usually carry that with me, but maybe I should.)

I think that the chance of being caught in this endeavor are minimal.

As for the insurance liablility, you cannot squeeze blood from a turnip. In Washington state, you are not required to carry even liablity insurance to ride motorcycles on the public roads.


I'll be sure to pass this on to my "buddy".


In Texas this is known as a UUV (unauthorized use of vehicle) it is a Felony. I'll never do it again. It was probably worse because it was a plate off a 10 year old Honda on a almost new Husky with no dualsport kit. Although both bikes were mine they were willing to prosecute. I did it to ride in the Nat'l forest without being hassled on the dirt roads by Rangers and got caught going to the store, near my house, for smokes by a Deputy Sheriff. The prosecuter cut me some slack when he dropped it to a misdemeanor, but I still payed a fine.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm of the impression that there is no grey wire on the 02 WR 426 as a result of re-mapping of it's ignition. If I'm way out of line, please set me straight.

We do it all the time on cars and trucks here.In your case,I would follow through with the VIN.Just consider what you will do when/if you go to resell the 2003.Your buddy,medio monoso,verdad?Is he Mexican?


I recently was at the scene of the aftermath of a head on collision at a local motorcycle park. The rangers/Sherrif went over the two motorcycles with a fine tooth comb, copying all registration/vin#s. If you own a house, or have a family it is not worth the potential headaches if you had the unfortunate luck of an accident. You could loose you assests or your ass to a lawsuit.

Hey Brandon,

For what it's worth, here's my .02 cents worth.

I would stay clear from the suggestions about altering the VIN on the frame. That is a felony here in WA, and "could" get you some jail time. Again, we're talking only if you got caught.

If you were to put your '98 plate on an unlicensed bike (like an '03), that is just a simple traffic infraction which is a $171 fine. The kicker to this one is that your '98 plate is subject to being confiscated and destroyed. As long as the bike had the full Baja Kit and looked street legal, I would think the chances of getting pulled over would be slim. Also, if the plate was run by the boys in blue (or khaki!), I'd bet the chances of them cross-referencing the registration number to the VIN would also be slim. The only time it would really stand out is if you're riding a brand spanking new bike and then they hear the registration come back to a '98 model (get my drift). Just a roll of the dice if you chanced this method.

Have you thought about buying a used, licensed WR here in WA, or even getting one in Oregon that's already licensed and just transferring the title. I wonder if you could buy a new one in OR and get it licensed down there....then just bring it home and transfer the paperwork. Either way, good luck with whatever you decide.

Send me a personal message if you want any clarification on any of this, or want more info. Take care.


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