Who would and who would not?

When I said be sure it all matches up I meant do it legally. Regarding the altering numbers gig I think freestyle 111 is right. A buddy years ago was into street rods. Often when modding to a late model front suspension or restoring the old Fords the frame numbers would be cut off as an unused part of the old frame. He showed me a custom stamp he had gotten from an old Ford restorer that had a unique shape for the number 9. It matched the font of the origional Ford stamp.

Hey guys,just want it to be very clear that we are speaking strictly hypothetically here. I'm certain that noone here is actually using TT to seek assistance in any illegal endeavor. The obvious responsible answer is to obey the law.

From my own perspective, I have it pretty easy in AZ as has been mentioned. But in any case, I just can't see how a responsible person could even consider risking the potential consequences not matter how small the chance of detection. Hell, with my luck my conscience would turn me into a cop magnet if tried something like that.


Go directly to JAIL and do not collect $200 for passing GO!

besides the 98'Baja Designs kit won't work on the 03'

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Yea, let me clarify. I in no way condone the altering of numbers. That's why I gave the example of the old Fords having the unique stamp and the restorers and street rodders having to restamp their frames due to rust damage or that part of the frame now being missing. (In fact, all the car frames anymore have the numbers stamped in a number of hidden places just to prevent fraud.) But, if you check with your local motor vehicles department you have to see if the registration year follows the engine or the frame. It can differ from state to state last I checked. So, even if you have to modify your old frame, it might be legal to put all your new stuff on your old frame, which would be your easiest/best option. Then all your bases are covered for resale too because it is just a few hours of wrenching to put it all back to origional.

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This is similar to my plan for if and when I get an '03 and wish to title and license it here (provided I haven't completed my slam-dunk of these idiots first).

I am going to purchase an old junk bike frame with a valid street frame number and title. I will then cut the steering stem with that number off and use it to "reinforce" the "custom" frame "donated" by the '03 WR "parts bike" that I will use to "build" my own custom motorcycle, which, under Iowa law now "becomes" the frame-number-donor bike. This foolishness further proves my current point and fight with Iowa DOT: they can't have it both ways!

Not only is this perfectly legal, but was actually suggested to me BY a DOT officer who sees the unfair foolishness of his boss's misinterpretation of existing law.

GO FOR IT!!!! :) Beat 'em at their own stupid game!!

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