KX 85 shifting issue, need help

Hey guys, I'm putting back together an 06 KX 85 for a kid. I didn't do the motor rebuild, I just got the motor and frame from the guy who did do the rebuild, with the intentions of just putting the bike back together and doing bearings etc etc. Any way, I have the motor in but the bike will not click into gear, the lever has spring resistance but has no engagment either up or down. I pull the right side cover so I can see the shift shaft and pins that engage the gears, and as soon as the cover is off it works fine. I put the cover on, it doesnt work, take it off, it does. I searched and saw stuff about the powervalve losing the 5/16 ball bearings and that causing shift issues, but it still has all the ball bearings in it so now I'm frustrated and lost, any ideas?????? Much Appreciated!


Sorry, It's hard to say without seeing it. That's wierd it works with no cover but doesn't with...It's gotta be in the rachet gear.

From what I remember, the cover comes nowhere near interfering, the only thing i can see is the cover might touch (put pressure on) part #92027, so I would recommend taking off the cover, placing pressure inward onto this part and looking for where your mechanism is binding.

On some bikes (my kids kx65) part #13236 fell apart causing it to shift harder, but it was not a complete loss of the shifting function.


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