Larger '09 250S Tank

Has anyone started manufacture of a larger tank that is made specifically for the 09 250?

Sorry if I missed a previous discussion...I tried searching previous threads and did not have any luck.

not that i have seen yet but i would appreciate one also for sure.

Don't think there is anything out there yet, I have e-mailed a few manufacture and doesn't seem anyone has any plans to manufacture one in the near future. I just bought a nice rack and a gas can for now.

I just put a post up today on the KLX Forum. A few months ago I contacted IMS,Acerbis, and Clarke. IMS and Acerbis said they had no plans of making one. The person I talked to at Clarke said that they might think about one. Maybe if enough people emailed or called Clarke they would do it. I sent them an email saying I'd buy one.

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