Wanted - E model stock can

If anyone has an E model stock silencer that they would like to part with, hit me up...................would really like one that is not scratched or dented up. Pics are helpful.....


Is it different than a S? Or is it just the head pipes that are different? I have an S can. Mint 600 miles. Never dumped.

The S can needs to be modified to fit an E pipe. The inlet is smaller and needs to be expanded and the mid point mount is in a slightly different position. I'm not sure if the mid point mount will be a problem or not.

Hey aspencop!

I have a stock E can in great shape from my 06 DRZ400E. I did drill out the end cap for a bit more flow (still quiet). No dents or dings. Only used less than a full season.

Bad news is I am in Ontario so shipping might be $$$? The muffler new lists for $270. How about $150 and you pay shipping?

I can send you pics if you want. EMail me personally if you want to try to set up a deal.


discostu AT sympatico DOT ca

send pics when you can, I'll send PM.

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