Who makes full carbon fiber skid plate wr450

Is there any company that makes a full enduro style carbon fiber skid plate for an 05 wr450? Only ones I can find is a 07 and newer.



Check lightspeed or maybe enduro enginering. Ones for the YZ should work too!

Enduro Engineering has one. I needed to slot the rear hole a little to get it to bolt up properly.

The only thing I didn't like is that you need to remove the pan to change the oil. Unfortunately the bike has stolen out of my trailer but I have now replaced it and went with the Works Connection Aluminum Skid Plate which gives you access to change the oil without having to take anything off.:p

I just put the TT skid plate on. I say go with aluminum.

Why Mold A Carbon / Kevlar Composite Rather than Fabricated Aluminum?

A well designed skid plate protects the frame and engine cases while fitting closely. A composite molded product can take the exact shape desired. Aluminum products are fabricated from a relatively thick sheet metal plate and are welded to a shape

which does not conform as well. Composite skid plates do not resonate sounds of impact as do aluminum skid plates.So what

How Strong Are Composite Skid Plates?

It depends on what materials, the number of layers, and resins used. E Line uses a composite of carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass, and resins. The use of Kevlar in skid plate manufacturer is unique to E Line. There is good reason Kevlar is the material

of choice in manufacture of bullet proof vests, wear resistant gloves, and high impact resistant kayaks and canoes. Kevlar disperses impact, has a longer fatigue life, and has a greater tensile strength than about any other material including aluminum. My skid plate won't see much tension force.

Will An E Line Composite Skid Plate Break?

It’s possible, but improbable and would happen long after an aluminum skid plate had dented frame tubes [COLOR="Red"]not a big deal with steel frames[/color] or reshaped an engine case. E Line’s Carbon/Kevlar skid plates will withstand many impacts with minimal cosmetic changes.

Does A Composite Skid Plate Weigh Less Than An Aluminum Skid Plate?

E Line’s skid plates typically weigh less than aluminum skid plates, but not a significant amount. Not worth the extra money to me The weight difference is small due to the multiple layers of carbon/Kevlar, and fiberglass totaling about 1/4" thick. Most other composite skid plates weigh less than E Line’s because they do not incorporate Kevlar, have

fewer layers of composite materials and do not offer the full protection.

How Do Glide Plates Differ From Skid Plates?

E Line’s Glide Plates are basically trimmed back Skid Plates. The Glide Plates protect the bottom frame rails and center engine case. Our Skid Plates additionally protect the side engine and water pump cases. 1 bonus E Line designs both skids and glides with a high front to reduce mud build which can cause excess engine temperature. Not a big deal where I ride and i tend to avoid mud and there's nut much here.

Carbon/Kevlar skid plate for the 2006-8 Yamaha YZ450F and 2007-08 WR450F. Protect those expensive cases and frame!

Price: $159.95

I myself would still go with aluminum. I can buy two aluminum ones and probably get through the next ten years with them. They do look trick though.

I just put the TT skid plate on. I say go with aluminum.

carbon is strong but prone to shattering? Is the plastic guard that bad btw? should it be swapped over for an aluminium unit?

remember the aluminum one will ruin your frame because it rubs on it. metal to metal. i race in the so cal. desert and have smashed my eline skid plate very hard. no problems yet!!! and it wont rub on your aluminum frame!

I have never had an aluminum skid plate move on my bike! I do have a E line on my bike right now and, it has holes through the bottom of the plate that you can see through. IMO a metal skid plate is much more durable..

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