1986 XR80 Valves

Any help on valve clearance for my kids 1986 XR80 would be great.

.002 found it never mind.

Oh you found it....

Man a 1986 XR80 brings back memories thats what I learned to ride on...

I got a brand new one it '86 from my Dad...

Got any pics?

Right now I have the front wheel off. I put a new tire (I just took the original front tire off) on and I'm waiting for fork seals. This bike hasn't been ridden very much over the years. I still have the original sprockets and chain. My daughter (9 years old Wednesday) has discovered how much fun Dad has been having on the dirt with his XR650L. It's great.:p

Long story short. After I get it back together I'll post some pics.

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