which plastics to buy

I just bought a tx150 and already cracked both shrouds and the graphics are falling off. Where did you guys buy your plastics from. They have sets on ebay with rockstar and monster graphics on them for like $50 but are these strong and will the graphics hold? what did you guys do? thx

I've seen good feedback on TBolt's plastics and they are not that expensive. Does your bike use CRF50 or KLX110 style plastic? TBolt has both.

Hard to go wrong with Acerbis or UFO, they've been in this business for years and have everything dialed.

Ya their plastics are alot thicker and stronger.

wholesale-cycle.com has nice plastics and a few graphic kits, some of the kits come with the graphics already on the plastics, thats where i bought my DC graphics.......


Go with Tbolt all the way. Good product, great look.


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