throttle tube replacement- tube only?

Getting ready for a Big Bend excursion and changed out a bent OEM handlebar yesterday, installed a Renthal bar, began to install grips and found the 'ol grip molded to the tube problem. :lol: Searched the threads to find how others dealt with it.

I took the time and ground out about 98% of the rubber with a trusty dremel tool but got a bit careless and took off some grip tube up near the cable end. Now I can see the handlbar through the tube... I think I'll go ahead and get a new tube.

The dealer says a replacement tube will have a grip molded on. I searched the microfiche and found that seems to be the case.

Others listed puchasing a new replacement tube? Anyone with a part number or description of a new naked tube?


Motion pro......partn 01-0093

thanks for part number, I'll be ordering one today.

What about if I want a little faster throttle?

Kind of like the zip tie mod...

Is there a tube that has a faster pull rate????

I think I recall a mod with a R1 or R6 throttle tube for more zip. Try a search on that.


Motion pro......partn 01-0093

I just put one of these on my bike 2 weeks ago. It is real smooth and the grip fit nice and tight on it. I put Galindo X2 Enduro grips on b/c they're opened on the end and didn't require cutting to accomadate my handguards....:p

Edit: I used the Motion Pro tube part# 06-1093

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