SSR 110's???

I want a pit bike to mess around with in the worst way and I did some researching online and have heard some good things about the SSR's. I'm 6'1" 150lbs and I am looking at getting one of the 110's for this summer. I am mostly just going to be messing around in my yard, the local woods trails, my buddy's MX track. I also have a front end loader for my tractor and 2 acres at my disposal so I was thinking about building a track in my backyard too. My question is which SSR 110 would be best suited for me, the A1 or the DX-3? Could someone give me the pros and cons of both? Would these bikes be raceable?

Can I get parts for them like chain and sprockets, brake pads, etc?

I'm kinda liking the rear suspension setup of the DX3 more than the A1 but what do you guys think?

you can get ANY parts for either bike. The dx3 in stock form will not take jumps very well, you will need to do alot.

Since the A1 is more for adults, I would reccomend that.

just remember, you get what you pay for.

you may want to look into a beefier bike for that extreme stuff.

Where are you located at in PA? My buddy has an SSR 125 SBA that he may be interested in selling if you are up for it. Could rip around some on it to try it out first if your interested.

Their not available as far as I know anymore, sold out everywhere. This is a link to the bike.

Here is his actual bike....has a 1/4 turn throttle included.


Thanks for the recommendations guys. It really helps.

mighty_mace: I am located a little north of Pittsburgh.

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