Buy used with no title?

I am in the market for a used motorcycle, 2005 or newer. Would you buy a used motorcycle without a title? I am looking at a 2006 DR-Z250 and the owner doesn't have the title. North Carolina is proposing a bill that would require residents of NC to register their off-road motorcycles as well and pay a yearly fee. If the bill passes, I wonder if you will have to have a valid title to register your dirtbike?

If you get the bill of sale notarized you should be able to get a title. I am in the process of doing that now.

I would buy a bike without a title if they had the MSO. I bought my bike brand new from a dealer in Missouri, I have the MSO but no title. I believe I would have to pay the tax on it here in AZ to get the title.

In New York we have to register new bikes and get plates and all that nonsense with no place to publicly ride. If you have a used bike with no title you shouldn't have any problem because they're not going to know you even own it unless you get stopped. Which if you're only riding off-road seems unlikely. I believe that if you have the VIN for the bike you should be able to go to the dealer and get a duplicate, possibly at no charge.

Sorry for my ignorance, but what is an MSO?

It stands for Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin.

In PA quads need to be registered, plated, and insured. I think this is why people care more about dirtbike titles than they used to. In the good old days you would store your title in your toolbox. Over time it would get dirty, torn, then eventually disappear entirely. It didn't matter.. when you sold your bike you would occasionally hand-write a super-official-looking bill-of-sale... which would be promply lost after the transaction.

ive never bought a bike that had a title. I dont need to either unless they start forcing us to insure them.

Thanks for the input. JP

It took me forever to find a bike that had a title here in Illinois. I don't trust people selling bikes without a title without a certified history of the bike. Is it stolen/Does it still have a lien on it? I'm too paranoid when there are no titles present.

we've got... 3 bikes with no titles, 2 of them have the MSO.... so if the bill is passed, we have an ebay bike...

nah... we're so far into the backcountry, no one cares anyway...

I register the ones I buy used becuase I carry theft insurance. Without the registration there is no proof that I own it.

However if I buy a new one, no registration here. I would have the MSO and a bill of sale, so no reason to register it just for insurance purposes.

in southern california they assume the bike is stolen until you prove its yours it seems. its just a ton of paperwork to get the pink in your name but its doable. would i buy a bike with no pink NO too much hassle. if the price seems too good to be true the bike could be hot?

In Ohio, all bikes must be titled and registered now. I have an old 1987 bike with no title. They said if I bring it in for an "out of state inspection" to check the VIN they will title it for me. As soon as I have time I'll be taking it in.

Does anyone know about Massachusetts and titles with ATVs? I live in Mass and I bought a 1990 Honda four wheeler from a guy in New Hampshire over the summer for cheap and it needed to be fixed up but it is now running. We wrote up a bill of sale and I know that I can use that to get it registered but I wouldn't mind being able to get a title for it if it wasn't too much work. Thanks.

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