What = a hard hit to the head/helmet?

O.k. I'm new to riding about a year now. I read about helmet replacement and everyone says replace after a "hard" hit. But what is a hard hit. I've went down twice now that kind of rung my bell, definately would have been painful without a helmet but probably not life threatening. So what = a hard hit that would neccesitate a helmet replacement?

Good question. I have wondered the same thing. My son had a hard fall a couple of weeks ago, fortunately no serious injuries. The next day he had a lot of bruising over his right cheek. He must have hit his head hard enough that the cheek pad in the helmet caused the bruise. My wife and I decided that it justifies buying him a new helmet.

IMO, any hit to the ground which results in any symptoms such as headach, brusing, woozyness, or physical damage to your helmet. The foam inside your helmet is only able to compress once, so if you happen to hit your head again, your helmet will not provide adiquate protection.

umm well since we arnt all made of money this is a serious problem. I would think if u fall and ur head hit dwon with enough force for you to notice "wow i hit my head" or "good thing im wearing a halmet" then its time to pick out a new one

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