2005 RMZ 450 Carb Question!

Hey guys I just bought a 05 rmz 450, its real nice. Wouldent start up when i bought it cleaned the carb and one of the needles was clogged. Cleaned it up, and the bike fired and runs great. But the idle air screw i believe is out of adjustment. When we took it apart we dident count how many turns. I was woundering if i screw it all the way in how many revolutions should i turn it out? The bike is all stock. Any help would be nice! Thanks

i think my service manual says like 1.25-1.5 turns out from screwed all of the way in:thumbsup:

Awsome. Can you check for sure though when you get a chance I want to get it right. Thanks man I really apreciate it ! :p

yeah I will run out to the garage right now and check it

yeah manual says 1 1/4 turns out

Hey man thanks alot! Ill try that and im sure it will run great. Thanks again!

your very welcome:thumbsup:

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