Valve clearences on the 09


my 09 has done around 4hrs i would guess and iv just checked the clearences and one of the inlet is 0.9mm and the other is 0.1mm has anyone elses valves gone out of tolerence that quick? im wondering if they were tight out of the factory. Im not a agresive rider and iv maybe hit the limiter once.

Does they bike start easy? You checked them on a stone cold motor right?

They can be tight from the factory and settle a bit.Good job checking them after break in!:p Make sure you did everthing right (right timing mark and cold motor) shim to spec and keep A eye on them for a bit.Chances are they'll stay put.:ride:

my 09 was fine but i had 2 others a 05 and 06 250F who was tight from factory.

Yes cold motor been in the garage for few day. I checked and double-checked all marks were as there supposed to be. Admittedly from day one it wasn’t 1st or 2nd kick from cold more like 5th or 6th but would start. I guess it must have been tight out the factory, was worried that the valves had stretched in 4hrs. I’ll re shim and have another check in another 4hrs to be safe. My luck I check two days before I’ve got a day off mid week to go for a ride. Hopefully I can get the shims in time.

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