Rekluse clutch

Hi has anyone tried the rekluse if so have you any reports on what they are like and ease of fit thinking of putting one on my 08 rmz for hare and hounds riding.

Thanks Darren

just put one on my 05 250 was easy to install even tho id never dne a clutch before,gna do same hare n hounds,where bouts are you?

I really like my Z-Start Pro, because it retains the clutch lever. Installation is real easy and the directions are great. For what you're going to do, it will work awesome! Great tractor-chug power and it's difficult to stall your engine! You can be climbing a hill, stop because someone in front of you slipped up, and resume while they're kickin' away! I don't know how I ever did without it!



I love mine!!!! Its like cheating!!!! But I dont always use it in the Tight NJ trees.

I love mine!!!! Its like cheating!!!! But I dont always use it in the Tight NJ trees.

Why not? I thought that was one of the main reasons to install one?

I love mine!!!! Its like cheating!!!! But I dont always use it in the Tight NJ trees.

Wow Mike, that's where I love the Rekluse! If you've gotta grab a handful of brakes quick, you can do it with no clutch, pivot like a trials rider and never touch the clutch. And if I get hung on a log or water bar or something where before I might have stalled it - she keeps running, so a push n a shove I'm off and outta there.

I know! I bet I'm going waaay slower than you Mike :) ! Or maybe different engagement spring? Do you have yours set up so it creeps?

My worry with the Rekluse on a 250 was loss of power, since I seem to see more guys with bigger bikes running the Rekluse. Boy was I wrong! Absolutely no power sacrificed!

Okay if I'm gonna preach the virtues gotta also state some drawbacks: when you're going slow down hill, if you drop to idle it's like you're in neutral...until you give it a few rrrr's, then you suddenly have compression braking. First few times it's weird but you'll figure it out real quick.

This feature also doesn't let you bump-start it either - it's like trying to push-start an automatic tranny car. Nice thing is you rarely need to. For off-road guys the advantages lap the disadvantages! Seems more MX guys are using it too. No weird clutch pulsing like a slipper clutch...

just installed the z start in our 08 rmz250 today,running the lighter spring..any suggestions on which is best?,and one thing i noticed compared to my crf450r rekluse is that the spring is tensioned alot great but i guess its just because a differant bike. my crf rekluse has 250 hrs on it and its been awesome with 0 issues with it and only 1 clutched replced.lets hope its the smae for the little 250!

What setting are you using with?

I fit the heavier spring, all balls, with high idle bike runs perfect, love it, but I find it very noising, is it normal?

Take a look at minute 2,58 of this video (jump the beginning where I'm falling hihihiih), you can easily hear weired noise coming from. Camera doesen't take justice about uphill degrees, it seems flat. It happened also with my previuos reklused bikes, but not tath much...and obviously only under heavy abuse.

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