Connecticut Registration

Hi, I'm new to the forum. I just came across a 93 Dr350 for sale in Rhode Island that was registered in Mass. I'm thinking about buying it but would I be able to plate it in Connecticut? I'm new to dirt bikes but I'm looking for something that I can drive to the trails and its hard to find anything in the area. Would this work?

registered in a street bike in mass? if so it should have a title......if it has a title you should be ok. but since its an out of state bike you will have to take it to a dmv inspector for them to verify the VIN #. normally they dont care about street legal stuff when they check the vin......but ya never know.....

as long as all they care about is verifying the vin with a title you just need the usual stuff and you should be fine.

I purchased my DRZ400S from MA (I live in CT). As long as you have the MA title (w/no liens), you simply need to bring the bike to the DMV, have it inspected (my inspector simply copied the VIN # onto the form and said "you're all set") and fill out the registration paperwork. Your CT title will come in the mail in a couple of weeks. Not a hard process.

Well the problem is that its a dr350 and not the dr350s. So is it even possible to get the the none street version registered? I'm having a pretty hard time finding something I can plate around here

you said it was registered in mass.....

as i said.....all depends on if it was street registered or atv registered......mass has both just like ct.....

if its street registered and it has a should be all set after the VIN verification......if not.....good luck cuz you're gonna need it.

for sale forum.....ktm 200 ct titled and registered......answer to your problem.

I'm having a pretty hard time finding something I can plate around here
That is like saying there is no place to ride....keep looking there are tons out there...look into the ktm 4 strokes--EXC models they come ready for the road...I would be carefull with a 2 stroke because that would be tough to get through DMV..

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