Stroker Inc. and FourStrokeWorks

I'm trying to locate the star gear (shifter fix) and idler gear (kickstart reliability) discussed on Planet Klx which were available from Stroker, Inc., which now seems to be Fourstrokeworks. I can't find them. Anyone know where to locate?


Hey mike, I had the same problem myself. Only I had to wait bout 2 months before I figured it out LOL. The website ends in .BIZ haha its www.fourstrokeworks.BIZ !

That helps! I still can't find these 2 parts on their site, though. DO I have to call? Thanks

You can grind your own star gear and save $$. It's easy to do.

The aftermarket idler gear is no longer available. Just check yours at the same intervals that you check your valves and if needed, replace it with another one from Kawi.

Ride on


Colorado Kid has a guy at work that will grind you a new one. I think CO KLX Rider donated one as a spare, so if you send yours into get done, there's already one completed which he'll mail off to you as soon as he gets it. The charge is marginal, and I can attest to the quality. My bike shifts great now. You can also firm up the shifts by cutting the end off of an Xacto knife, and drilling it out the diameter of the spring that controls the shifter.

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