2005 cr85

i have a question regarding my sons 05 cr85, i was replacing the topend and during my dissassembly i removed a 10 mm bolt that had a crush washer on it the bolt was located just right of the waterpump assembly ,i actually removed it thinking coolant was going to drain but nothing came out ,i drained the coolant from the lowest bolt on the waterpump . i reassembled the topend and replaced the coolant still nothing came . i started the bike and had my son see if anything came out ,but red gearsaver oozed out of that hole . im sure hoping that normal because the bike runs and sounds good when i start it , thanks guys for your help ,

ok so the problem?

The lowest bolt drains the coolant. The front bolt with the washer seals the side cover.

thanks for your input , now we can rest assured we shouldnt have a overheating problem.

That bolt is for checking the gearbox oil level. when drained, slowly top up through the dipstick hole with correct amount of oil. when the oil starts to spill from the hole you have correct amount in the gearbox.

Hi we had the same issue, but we have a cr85 2004 bw and it has two drain/check bolts with a Phillips head 10mm bolt, the lower bolt is about a inch up from the bottom right hand crank case cover and the over just above the water pump, are these both for oil?

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