powervalve oil question

just a quick question for you 2-smokers on TT, i took my cylinder off about a month ago just to do some rings and piston checks on my 08 250 i also polished up the head for the heck of it, piston and rings were perfect. before this i was using "Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Racing" for 9 months with no problems and the spooge falling out of the powervalve was black, very small amount. since taking the cylinder off i have been using "Motul 800 2T Factory Line" just because its easier for me to get, and know after every ride i have a B.I.G blob of BROWN oil on the floor, but the spark plug has a nice brown colour to it, no differenc i how the bike runs or nothing just brown oil on the floor and lots of it!

any of you guys use this motul 800? and get brown oil?

thanks in advance for any answers

That could be the diffrent change in the Flash point in the Premix , how fast it burns, so maybe the Motul has a higher flash point thus it does not burn it all like the Rock oil , But if i were you i would go back to the Premix you were using "Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Racing" . my rm250 does that too i would run my normal premix and i get that couple drops of oil too , and sometimes run run another premix and get alot oil . But im not positive on that the diffrent flash points is the cause . am i right anybody ?????

Motul 800 is a great lubricant but on the YZ250 in particular it produces a lot of spooge if you are not always on the main jet. The brown color might be because it is red to start with.

I switched from Silkolene to Motul and now I have mollases thick spooge coming out of the powervalve and silencer. Same ratio with adjusted jetting for cooler temps. Thanks for reminding me that this stuff spooges. :p Anybody want a gallon of it? Just pay for shipping and it's yours. I've got more Silkolene to burn and now some Yamalube up next.

And yes, Anthony250, Motul has a high flash point and is prolly some of the reason for the goop.

thanks for your replys guys, i think im going back to rock oil know, once i use all of this motul :p:ride::moon:

Not sure what ratio you guy's are mixing at, but if your running a 32:1 ratio than that would be the reason for the excess oil. Motul's bottle gives you two options, 50:1 and 66:1 their website recommends 50:1, I've known woods riders who have ran this stuff at 90:1. I've ran Motul at 60:1 since 2002 and have always been very impressed with it's lubricating properties and have never had any issue's what so ever including excess oil dripping out of the power valve.

Anybody want a gallon of it? Just pay for shipping and it's yours.

Do want! No spooge in my TZ250 roadracer.

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Are you guys talking about Motul 800? The 710 stuff is supposed to be able to mix down to 25:1 I think.

Do want! No spooge in my TZ250 roadracer.

Send me a PM and I'll get it to Shrub. Some of us have been experiencing "technical difficulties."

I use the Yamalube 2R on my 125, and it works great! I only get like a light frosting around the end of my FMF Turbinecore 2 spark arrestor, and I'm not always on the pipe while trail riding. I highly recommend it...plus it makes your gas blue :p

Do want! No spooge in my TZ250 roadracer.

PM sent. Technically difficulty completed. af4f1868.gif

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