anyody running a 140/80 on the rear xrL

Anybody got a 140 on the rear. I took cahin guard off and it looks a little snug

any opinions would be great

I had a Michelin 140/80-18 on mine. With a crosswind coming from the right it blew the chain guard into the tire and gobbled it up. With the chain guard off there's no issues up to and including the massive 150/90-18 Teraflex.


140/80-18 pirelli mt-21 on the L. No problems here.

No issues with the 140/80/18 TKC80 I was running, I now have a 150/90/18 Teraflex and I did trim off the chain guard mount on the inside of the swingarm just to make sure it would not rub. Check my thread Its Here!!

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