Truing a wheel

I'm in the process of truing my wheels on the XR650r , just wondering how close it should be? Right now its about 3/16" each way (up and down,left and right). It all started with a bunch lose spokes so I went around and broke them all free and started the whole process of tighting them, it seems pretty good to me but not sure if I should try and get it a little closer??Any ideas would help.

Personally i try to get within 1/16th at least. The closer the better right? Is this your first time truing a wheel? I know my first time i thought i had it "good enough" but when i rode the bike it just didn't feel right, so back to the bench to make it right.:p It's best to take the extra time and get it right the first time, saves frustration and the trails/tracks aren't goin anywhere. Good luck with the wheels. :ride::moon:

do it right the first time. 3\16th is way too much, up and down wobble is beter than side to side wobble though. If its your first time, just take your time and dont get mad. My first time it took me 3 hours per wheel.

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