'00 400 LC4-E 5kmi or '97 620 RXC 7kmi??

New guy here! :p

I can get either of them for around $2400 but which one would be better?

I plan to do about 50/50, weigh 230lbs, 6'-2", and have previous trail exp. I would like to ride the bike to the numerous locations in SC/NC that offer trail riding and some work commuting. I don't do scrambles or MX.

Both bikes are in good shape and appear to have been taken care of, both titled and plated, and both setup for larger guys like me. I like that the 400 is newer but I like the bigger hp of the 620. I guess the 400 could be rebuilt to 6--cc later? Does the 400 have electric start? Pros, cons, I am pretty new to KTMs and Google wasn't alot of help. Thanks in advance, Wesley

Both the the bikes should have e-start, 97 was the first year for it. I bought a '98 RXCe400 new in '98 and sold it about a year ago. Real nice bike but just a bit underpowered. The 400 is smoother than the 620 by far, the 620 has alot more power. Both are very reliable fun bikes.


'98 RXCe620

'04 EXC450

'06 300 XCW


From what you mentioned for your needs

I'd go for the 400 for the trips on the road...be a lot smoother plus the e-start is a plus and plenty dirt worthy to boot.

Have fun with whatever you end up with...

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