Need help on jetting Mikuni TM28 flat slide

Bought a new pitpro lxr 160-r , did the cylinder, head & carb trick to it.

Engine - YX160 w/184cc cylinder/short skirt hi comp. piston kit and V2 roller rocker head kit

Carb - Mikuni TM28 flat slide w/ rear facing intake and uni filter

Pipe - 32mm big bore (stock), no spark arrestor or silencer installed

Elevation - 1,305 ft above sea level

Riding weather temp. - 80 to 95 degrees Farenheit

Fuel - 91 octane premium unleaded, toulene can be added to the gas to boost the octane higher if needed

Riding Style - Mainly trails, some flat-track, some motarding.

Was wanting to know what:

main jet size -

pilot jet size -

fuel screw setting -

recommended octane -

thanks for any input, greatly appreciated.

bump ^^^^^^^^^^^

forget it, the bike is getting dyno'd and jetted professionaly.

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