1972 PE175 Suzuki

Just picked up a pretty nice PE175.

Frame stamp says it's a 1972 but I am having a bad time finding parts for it.

runs good but I need cables and some other misc parts , all the parts site I have gone to have not listing of a PE that goes back that far.

Any Suggestions ??

Congrats on the bike

post up a pic to see if someone can identify it, I don't know the first year for the PE but I thought it was later than '72

I had a '82 PE175, first year of the Full Floater :p

Does it look like this? Its a 1972 TS185 that runs great. Never mind the exhaust, its home made by me.



Motor looks the same.

Frame has alum swing arm with lay down shocks.

Not sure what i got ????

pe models were not made in 72

alloy swingarms came out late 70's if my 49yr old memory is correct

PEs started in 77, and anything before that that was a 'Zuk with lights was a TS.

had friends with these bikes.a 78 that had duel shocks,and 81 that had the full floater mono.there were ts and tm suzukis in 72 but no pe's.

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