is this DRZ a fair price?

2005 DRZ 400 S, completely stock, 1,100 miles.

Selling for $3,700.

I think the price is a bit high since 2008 models were just cleared out around here for $4,999.

What do you think?


You got it for trade in price on kelly blue book.

I'm just posting about an ad for a DRZ locally for sale. I don't know the person who is selling it.

I went to and it said the average retail is $3,015.

Either way I think the price is high.

What do you guys think?

Very low mileage. $3200 would be a fair offer

I just paid $5999 for my 2009. I tried getting some dealerships around here to budge on the msrp price of $6699 but nobody would because they're moving the bikes out so fast. I went in yesturday which was the last day of February and got them to drop $700 off the price so I took it.

with 2200 miles I will sell for $3800. I will be selling my farkled 2007 also as my goal is to get a 2008 FI TE 610.

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