PICS: Honda dominates in 09 Europe races !

This weekend there was a big International race in England at the famous Hawkstone park.

Honda factory riders Marc De Reuver and Kevin Strijbos dominated the event.

Looks good for the red riders for the upcoming MX 1 World championship.:p

Just heard that HRC japan is not having a team in 2009 ....they have laid over alot of the racing development to Martin Honda Italy.....the team De Reuver and Strijbos is riding for. Of course HRC will still devolope in japan but will not compete in any japanese races this season.

Here is some pics of the red force that dominates Europe right now :




that thing is bad:worthy:

+1 to that ^^ Nice pictures!

Very cool shots! That 09 is very trick!

The carbon fiber tank & billet cap. NICE. The billet front caliper. NICER. Lover to have either part.

The gold rims add a nice touch.

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