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ATTENTION......Please dont forget......

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Now is not the time to "forget" about the "small cc bike ban - lead issue"

sticky up top here in the general forum. I sure would think that we

would have more than a few hundred posts there. Guys/Gals, we cant

just let this one fall to the side. Make sure and stay up to date on the

current status of this topic, and what we need to do to help out.

Im asking EVERYONE, to PLEASE take just a couple minutes and fill out

petitions, send emails, etc etc. All the info is in the thread up top.


BTW....I dont even care if you copy and paste my letters I have

sent. Im just a regular guy trying to help save this sport for my

kids and I. If using the copy and paste helps make a difference for

you, then please do so.:ride:

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