Delmarva MX Series

When do they start? On there site they still have last years series schedule up.

they started today at seaford.dont even bother with their website...they suck at updating it...always have and probably always will..i ran the series in 05 and 06 and it drove me nuts trying to keep track of my points and other racers points.

I know if you go to the tracks they have the races. Seaford has there schedule, Blue Diamond and Pagoda.

so does anyone know if they raced sunday?

just heard they cancelled and lack of participation

Delmarva is a joke...

just heard they cancelled and lack of participation

yup it was

Why they start a series in March is beyond me, especially early march :p

Sux that the series will probably be cancelled. I had some good times racing that series in 04 and 05. Just hasnt been the same since. Been even worse since Dave Segal stopped running it.

If you want to run a good series, do the MDRA series. Top notch series and ran well! They also update the website/points within a day or 2 of the last race.

If you are 30 and over, do the Masters Series! Good times and ran perfect! You get long motos and even if you are the last moto, you are usually loading up no later than 5pm.

Delmarva seems to be about dried up. Any other suggestions in the area other than the mdra? All of those tracks are either 2 or 3 hours away from me but I guess thats the name of the game in this area.

All i can say is just hit D-6 series races...if your not willing to drive that far then racing for series championships is outta the question...just hit your local races.

District 7. The Gold series starts this weekend at Blue Diamond. Weather looks great. Then next week at DMP (Seaford). We added a 35 B and 35 A class. Master series lost Mountineer and Happy ramblers did not work out for them. Good series but no summer races. MDRA is a good series also.

Delmarva seems to be about dried up. Any other suggestions in the area other than the mdra? All of those tracks are either 2 or 3 hours away from me but I guess thats the name of the game in this area.

Your location is in Penn? What area? MDRA shouldnt be that bad. For you District 7 would be tracks far away. Maybe District 6 for you?

Im in Avondale, Pa which is right on the line of newark, delaware. MDRA isnt terrible for sure just looking to see if theres a series that would be a little tighter for me.

Thanks alot, Matt.

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