Quote on 03 WR450

Just wanted to know if anyone has been given an out the door price on an 03 WR450F

Hey Chris,

I just put a $300 deposit back in June on a 2003 WR450F, the out the door price after tax, setup and freight was $6,667.92. I live in Albany, N.Y. and called alot of dealers and Troy City Garage was the cheapest at $5,900. I tried to get a deal but bottom line is its a 2003 and alot of people want them with only a limited number being made?, the dealer knows if you walk out the door the next guy will take it. :)

I was told by a friend that work for Yamaha USA, that Yamaha doesn't charge freight so your dealer shouldn't either.

I just bought a 2002 FZ-1 streetbike and my dealer had me down for freight charges but when I mentioned this he removed the charge.

Try it out.


The dealer shouldn't be charging a setup fee either.The factories pay the dealers to set the bike up,i see alot of dealers doing this mainly because alot of people don't know any better so they'll do whatever they can get away with to make an extra buck.

My yamaha dealer didn't charge me freight, or a set up fee. I paid for the bike, and taxes. I live in massachussets and picked up an 02 a few months ago. My dealer even let me choose an 01 or 02 for the same price! i paid 5880 after taxes. the bike was tagged at 5600.

I know I asked around but did not know about these extra charges, that was the first time I ever bought a bike and worked with a dealer. Would it be to late to ask him to knock off freight and setup fees or would this possibly ruin a future dealer relationship in dealing with him for parts or what not in the future. The bike does not come in until Dec. and all I have down is $300 and will be paying cash. The next time I purchase a bike I will be prepared now thanks for the advice. :)

You local dealers out there are going to hate me for this, but I bought my 02 WR426F on the internet. So did my brother. I'm new to TT so I don't know if I can post the site so someone let me know. Here's the deal...This company is out of AZ and they buy the bike in Canada and air frt it right to Austin, Tejas. I showed up with my trailor and the fork lift placed my crated bike on it and off I went. I had to put on the handle bars, front tire, front fender and head light/number plate. Saved over $1000 when you consider sales tax. The company makes its money on the conversion from the Canadian currency to the dollar. It was started by a guy that just got tired of being jacked around by his local dealer. My brother and I would recommend to anyone.


Phone number please.

Yes, phone # please. Do the Canadians get the unrestricted model?

www.shippingmasters.com is the place to go. I've received quite a few private emails from this. Dealer in Austin wanted 6K + tax for 02 wr426F. Total after tax of about $6500. I purchased through shippingmasters for $5400 delivered to Austin. I even told the dealer I wanted to buy locally, but expected $5800 out the door. They wouldn't even discuss it. SEEEEE YA! The Canadian model is less the throttle stop/gray wire...that much less to take off. If come with some super soft Dunlop's that didn't last long in Austin and the spark arrestor is not US Forestry Approved, but you'll put an FMF or something like it on afterward anyway. Shippingmasters can do it all all models...just the higher end. He makes his money on the currency exchance so a PW50 isn't worth his time. Go to his site, email him and see what he has for you. I'll go back everytime I need a new bike. Good luck and I'm glad I could share this gem.


This post really troubles me, but it is probably true. Let me explaine, I am in the car buisness and we are only 40 miles from Canada and they bring new vehicles down here and sell them a little cheaper because of the exchange rate. Problem warranty is not valid in US and lost revenue for us. The same on the Yamaha's, I know I know you don't need warranty work on Yamaha's, and I didn't. But I do need to buy parts and accessories. I do not know about motorcycles but vehicles are worth less at resale time if they were made to be sold in Canada. I allways want the best deal but I want to shop in the good old USA too. Allways try to buy at home if you can even if it cost a LITTLE bit more. Thanks for the ears and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

I have a dealer in PA that moves over 2600 bikes a year. I bought a 2002 WR426F for $5198.00 plus tax in May.( Think there is still one left) That was the everyday price. The 250WR's were

4598.00. The dealer plays no Games. just moves them out....

Sounds like a good dealer to get a quote from for the new 450. They'll probably quote a much better price than Cobra2Go's friend in the motorcycle business quoted on the "bikes for sale" page of TT last week.

Maybe HaremScarem can let you have their number, then post your answer and help out the other potential buyers.

I'll call them today and post the price for the new Wr's and Yz's

2002 WR426F - 2 left on floor - $4,999.00 + tax

2003 WR450F $5798.00 + Tax

2003 YZ450F $5798.00 + Tax with $100 deposit..

Wow. Thanks to all who replied. Much appreciated.

Harem Scarem post of $5798.00 sounds like a winner. Well see if a couple of dealers here in SoCal can commit or match that price. If not can you let me know dealers name.

paulveni. Great info regarding shippingmasters.com. Going Canadian has its benefits. Specially with throttle stop and grey wire issues.

One dealer said he would have WRs in Sept.

Dont know if true or not. Others are sticking to Dec.

Walts Motorsport in Lake Havasu, AZ quoted me $6450 out the door in writing. Best deal found after searching everywhere. He had me at $7,800 OTD on 525 KTM as well, when the next best thing that I found was $8,300 OTD. Thats $500 less! One dealer wanted over $800 just for set up fees. If he took the advice I gave him, his rear end should be pretty sore because I dont think that WR is going to fit. :)

2002 Wr426's for 4998.+tax

2003 Wr450's for 5798 +tax

Call Montgomeryville Cycle 215-712-7433

ask for Shawn...Tell him Thumpertalk sent You!

They are located in Hatfield, PA on RT 309

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