Panoram wheel setting...

I have done both wheel measurement techniques as per the manual and I come up with two different numbers. For those of you that use Trail Tech computers, would someone please tell me what wheel measurement you're using that has worked well? Thanks.

It depends on your tire. For a Dunlop 756 I use 2160.


On a stock WR450F I used 692mm * 3.14 = 2,172.88 rounded to 2,173. I went on a ride with a new XR650 and his stock trip read 48 miles and mine read 47.2. I also checked it on a two mile Military PT running course and I stopped about 2 foot short. Close enough for Govenment work and Me. Good luck and let me know if you come up with a verified better number.

Best thing to do is to use the method where you mark a spot on the rim and a spot on your driveway, then move the bike in a straight line so that the wheel rotates at least 5 revolutions. Then measure the linear distance with a tape measure and divide by the number of revolutions.

I tried the simple wheel measurement the first time and noticed a pretty gross difference between the Trailtech unit and the stock odometer.

After doing the marked wheel method, the Trailtech unit is maintaining correct milage with the stock OD. to within .2 miles during a 50 mile ride.

It Could be that I just got luck with the numbers, but I do think this is a much more accurate method.

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