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Took the family out to El Mirage Lake Bed yesterday and it was more fun than what I thought. We cruzed accross the lake and back a few times and it was fun to haul butt on my dr650 without having to look for cars but we had more fun riding up in the hills. While on the lake bed you got these kids on 125cc and 250cc two smokes thinking they are the fastest thing since sliced bread. So I started paceing these kids and they saw what I was doing and I just herd them pounding thrue the gear so I just decided to hang back at the rear fender to see how fast they could really go and they top out at 63mph on my speedo and for a dr in 5th gear that is nothin. After toying with them I just rolled on it and kicked it up to 85mph and walked away from these kids and they got smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror :moon: . Gotta love the low end torque and did all that without even changing gears. On the way back I passed them again and the kids dad gave me a :p on I gave him a :ride: right back. Got back to the wife and she was just shaking her head at me but she did get some pictures. The dad and kids rode over and we all started talking and he was also riding a dr650 and he has been trying to convince his kids to go to four strokes but the proof is in the pudding.

lol, outstanding.... i expect we'll be seeing these pictures soon eh? :p

Back in the late 60's thru early 70's we rode out there alot. I remember watching speedway guys learning their craft, gyro copters, and land sailers. Great place to ride. We rode Yamaha DT's,Honda CT's, And Bultaco Alpina's.:p:ride:

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