08 450F chain tensioning bolt

Posting this question for a friend, he has an 08 450f that has a froze up chain tensioning bolt on the right side of his swingarm, we tried penetraiting oil box end wrench, and removing the axle to get a socket on it. We can barely get the bolt to budge, any suggestions for getting this bolt to move? Another friend suggested putting heat on it but I dont know if that would be good for the swingarm

I have heated mine before. The trick is do it fast with oxy aceleline. make sure the oil is cleaned with water before you heat or there will be a lot of smoke. but before that, this is an 08 right? you are trying lefty loosey righty tighty right?

yeah, Can only get about an eighth of a turn, its kind of galled up

Did you ever get the bolt out? My right side botl broke off. I will be calling a repair shop to see if they can drill out the hole and retap.

snapped mine even with heat, ended up buying this little steal kit that u insert inside the drilled out hole thaqt's threaded to the bolt size works perfect. I strongly recomment the moose axle blocks, you'll never have that issue again. I've had this problem on a couple of bikes one so bad I replaced the swingarm on a yz250 after hours trying to fix it.

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