DR650 Safari Tank Quality and Performance Inquiry

Hi Guys, I'm seriously considering the purchase of the 30 Liter Safari Tank for an upcoming RTW trip, but just wanted to hear a few review about its quality and performance prior to dropping ~$600.00 on one. I understand there is a small problem with the last 8 Liters or so of reserve being below the gravity fed carb, but what are those with experience opinions about the mounting hardware and brackets quality, do the petcocks leak, etc. Any input would be great. Thanks.

i've had the safari on my bike for about 4 months and my feelings are mixed about this giant. the fuel carrying capacity is obviously impressive. i can get between 34-36 L in mine. since the fuel sits pretty low in the tank wings it doesn't seem to affect balance or stability. i'd suggest upgrading the suspension (especially firmer springs in the front end) to support the extra weight. the petcocks look pretty flimsy but i haven't had any troubles with leaks and they seem to work fine for me. the cross brace and mounting hardware are fine. the issues i have with it are that the two rear mounting holes don't line up properly so getting the tank on was a pain in the ass. i drilled a hole through the bracket under the tank and use a screw driver now to lever the tank on, it's a breeze now. also, accessing the last 6-8 L is difficult. i use a plastic tap on the breather hose, when the fuel level gets low i blow some air in and close the tap. doing this i can access every last drop and don't have to do any carb mods to get it.

FossilB, can you give a little more information in regards to the plastic tap on the breather hose? Do you need to continuously breathe into the tank or just pressurize it at like 5 minute intervals (sorry, I'm a physics idiot). Thanks for the response by the way.

i pressurize it before a ride, so yeah usually just do it once. on a couple of occasions though its died and i've had to pull over and blow some air in but usually it's fine. it must look pretty funny to any onlookers seeing a guy on the side of the road drinking from his gas tank :p

I have a Safari tank that I traded a TT member (Thanks Lukas) for. I like the tank a lot but I think the petcocks are a bit on the cheap side for such an expensive tank. The one on the port side leaks. I discovered the problem a while back when my float stuck. I had a slow drip out the overflow.

I opened it and the drip became a steady flow. I closed it and it went back to a slow drip. I smacked the carb trying to unstick it but ... no joy. My solution was to put some Seafoam in the tank and run the piss out of it with a romp of throttle bursts and some wheelies. It hit me as funny ... doing wheelies for medicinal purposes. :p The float is free again but I need to look into rebuilding the petcock. I'm thinking that it might be as simple as replacing an O-ring.

For what you are planning to do as far as long distance travel, I think the Safari is in a class of it's own. I bought a used tank so perhaps I shouldn't be too critical of the petcock leak. The tank is well made and opens up the wilderness to you. Ride on! :ride:

I've only had mine one for a little over a tank and a half but I have the latest version and found fitment not to be a horror story as some have experienced and I agree the petcocks seem to be a bit on the cheap side considering the amount you have to shell out. I had my front end beefed up (Racetech springs) and in my opion the bike handles better with the big tank on the tar.

i have read that the blue ones are having problems leaking at the seat mounting holes

ADV Thread

personally i think how the **** does any one need all that fuel with out the seat cutting them in half before needing a fuel break

i need to justify the price and mounting problems

i don't have any problems on mine. can reach to about 660km before turning to reserve. I can pump about 34litres in it. For the balance fuel i had no problem with it. In the beginning the fuel cap has problems, bike will stall when its near reserve. Just take out the inner rubber from the fuel cap, you will see the breather hole. Just make the hole abit bigger and its done.Also the inner rubber, you will see 2 small holes on each side. Just make the hole a bit bigger.

For the breather tube, get those short hose with caps on top(ktm sells it) i fitted one on it. And there's no problem till today. its been a year plus.DSC01084.jpg

aaarrk i jinxed myself. the left petcock on my safari started leaking this morning :p

its ok in reserve position but leaks when ON.


You must be talking about an external leak. My port (left) petcock does not shut off positively but doesn't "leak" externally. I found the problem when my float stuck. Dripped out the over-flow. I Seafoamed the tank and the float was free after an exuberant ride :ride: . I have heard that the petcock can be repaired in many cases with a dis-assyembly and a new O-ring here and or there. Let me know how it goes if you get to it before I do. :p

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