Which oil should I buy?

Just wondering what everyone thinks is a good oil to run in an 08 RMZ450 and where a good place is to get it?

i have an 05 rmz450, i run 15/40 rottela t diesel oil in mine.... i had no problems....

oh yea and i buy it by the gallon at walmart...

i run rotella in my 08- i buy it in 3 gallon cases at costco

Super Tech 15/40, $9.89 at wal mart for a gallon. My 08 seems to love it, and so does my wallet.

Both of the above mentioned are good.

I use the Shell Rotella T too myself. I buy it at Walmart most of the time, or AutoZone. Walmart is usually a dollar cheaper a gallon, around $9 per gallon which you cannot beat.

I know several big time engine builders, especially on the ATV side with the LTR which is basically the same engine that all swear by the Rotella T.

Has anyone tried the Lucas Oil in their bike?

Has anyone tried the Lucas Oil in their bike?

Tried it in my last bike(KX450), bad clutch slip and couldn't get it into neutral. Thought I had maybe accidentally gotten the auto kind, but when I got home and dug through the trash there it was 10w40 Semi.syn motorcycle formula,safe for wet clutch. Rotella back in and problem solved, I even tried a few other brands(Silkolene,Bel Ray,Motul) synthetic and semi.syn to try to duplicate the problem I had with Lucas, nope it was the Lucas.

hold on you guys run diesel oil in your bikes? whats wrong with the 10w40 that the factory says to run? i dont race i just ride trails open pits and stuff, and tracks around my area but i dont ride like RC so i know i aint hurting my motor at all.

shell rotella t at wal mart like all the others... man u should've done a search before posting this it's like been beat to death on here over the last many months... do some searching and reading...

went from motul 300v 20 bucks a liter, which i changed every 3-4 rides or 6-8 hours to rotella 15-40 change it every 2 rides and although it comes out really dark, it seems to be fine and cheap:)

Just bought a gallon of Rotella T at Kmart. $15.50, I think it has gone up. Where can I get it cheaper?

Thats what good oil cost you get like 3 oil changes out of a gallon

Wow....Rotella T...never would have guessed.


Great thread....beats paying $20CDN per litre for performance oil at my local shop.

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