Cleaning Gunk Off Bike

Hey guys, the title is pretty much self explanatory. The last person that owned my bike wasnt the best at washing this thing down, so things like the sprockets and engine case have dirt that is so caked on it will not come off with a pressure washer. What is the best way to clean this crap off? Thanks alot.

Elbo grease

A brush and degreaser.

You got to be careful with powerful de greasers like grease lightning and such. They will stain and streak the Aluminum and could mess your seals up. I would say use Simple Green with a hard bristle brush and after a few repetitions, the stuff should start to go away. It all depends on how long you want to spend on it.

For real stubborn spots i've used K&N air filter cleaner. It works wonders on my airfilter, and does'nt eat the filter so i dont think it would be too harsh. Some people may think other wise. I dont know.

I use simple grean and a brush but on tough spots I use maxima chain and filter degreaser. Oring chain safe, so it wont hurt and works great.

i use greese lightning while im out washing the bike.. the water delutes the stuff.. but for extra insurance i lay a rag over anything that a degreeser shouldnt go on...

Aluminum wheel cleaner works good on the cases. Just don't leave it on the aluminum very long, spray it on, let it soak a minute and rinse.

WD40 works good at removing grease! just dont spray it on any of your bearing surfaces.

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