Can't keep bike running???92' DR650

I just put the carburetor back on my bike after taking it apart to clean it. Bike starts but will not stay running. When it starts with the choke on it will rev up to 3000rpm drop back down and die. When it starts without the choke on it will rev up to 1500rpm and die. I haven't been able to keep it running for more than a second at a time. I just got the gas that is in the tank. All lines are good and free of debris.

When I took the carb apart I took all the jets out and the pilot screw and cleaned everything really well with carb cleaner and compressed air. Float needle looked good and float was set at the proper level. Everything inside looked good aside from being dirty. When I took the pilot screw out I didn't pay attention to how many turns out it was set at, so when I put it back together I set it at 1 1/4 turns out, like the manual says it comes "preset"

This is extremely frustrating any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi. I have a '92 DR650 and hopefully this will help.

First of all, it sounds like your DR is starving for fuel.

Second of all, you should start by setting your idle screw. Do this by gently turning the idle screw in until it just lightly seats, and then back it out 2 and one half turns.

Third, you may have adjusted the idle speed too high. If the idle speed is too high, it is the same as trying to start the bike while holding the bike throttle part way open - it won't work. So, if you have changed the idle speed, put it back to where it was last time it was running. If you don't know what that is, back it out until the throttle plate is fully closed, and then try turning it in two full turns to give you some idle air flow, but not enough to have the engine go up to more than 1500 rpm when it fires with the choke on. If it goes up higher, it means that the throttle plate is too far open, and you need to back off of the idle speed control.

Finally, did you check the pilot air jet? This jet will clog up if you have bad gas from the bike sitting without being run. The pilot air jet is accessible by removing the float bowl assembly - it is NOT the hole underneath the idle mixture screw. The pilot air jet can be removed with a small 'jewler' flat-bladed screw driver for cleaning. If you didn't check the pilot air jet,that is where I would start. If it clogs, the bike will fire and immediately die if the idle speed is too high or as soon as you try to crack the throttle.

Hope this helps...


Sorry, I quoted my bike as a '92 - it is really a '90.

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