Suspension help...Its a must

So i bought a barely used 07 kx250f off of someone and he told me the suspension was set up for a 180 lb rider. Well I liked the way the bike rode and everything up til recently. I rode my first race on the bike and figured it would do fine being set up for a heavier rider (I'm around 160 lbs) but I was having problems bottoming out pretty bad. So I adjusted the compression best I could and tried again on the track, it was some better but still having problems. Well I called my local shop and they said they would just throw some heavier weight oil in it, said it and new seals (got a leaky seal) and labor would run me around 130 bucks (Does this sound reasonable or too cheap or something?) Well a riding buddy of some sort of mine says he will do it for 200 if i provide parts. He also told me that the guys at the local shop do not even have the tools to do suspension work and that you can't do suspension for that cheap. Is he lying just to get the job or should i listen to him? He also says that it's really not that soft and that it bounces me too much, I may be semi-new to racing and stuff but I do not feel it bouncing me any. Does anyone have any help or advice for me? Thanks (sorry for the length)

well for just the oil and seals it should only cost around 35 bucks, and you dont really need any special tools, besides maybe a fork seal driver would be handy, but i just made my own outta some pvc pipe. and you could do it yourself its really not that hard, just messey, heres a great video on how to do it if ur interested in doing it your self and having someone else do it, idk i would think $130 might be too expensive, that would pretty much be 100 bucks just for the labor, and itll only take a hour. just my thoughts, hope i helped some!! :p -Doug

Heavier oil (7.5wt) in the outer chamber helps somewhat, if there isn't already a 7.5 filled in.

To avoid bottoming you can try pouring more oil in, eg through the air bleeding hole.

That would be the first thing i'd do and it cost you almost nothing.

I'd start with adding 5cc. If it's still bottoming add another 5cc and continue in 5cc increments up to 20cc total if necessary.

The fork is very sensible to changes of oil height so ad little by little and give it a good try after each fill.

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