CV4 Hose Routing...need a photo

I'm trying to install a CV4 hose kit on a TE310. I think it's routed ok but I'd really like to see a picture to confirm the installation. :p

Most of the hoses have uniques numbers on them, but CV4 didn't include any instructions or diagrams.:ride::moon:


There's a big blowup drawing on this site...Drawing 17, page 84, that should help you out....Curious if you took a pic of the old stuff on the bike before you took it off....

Thanks for the link to the manual. Yes, we took several photo's _before_ we took things apart. The challenge is the CV4 hoses don't exactly match the OEM hoses. There are squiggles & turns that don't match the stuff from Italy. Also, we've added an UpTite Y, but that shouldn't make a big difference.

I've got 'em in place...sort of... I'll pick up coolant Tuesday. I was hoping to confirm the routing before I fill it up again.

Thanks, M.

I think I remember someone saying the Uptite Y required a minor trimming of one hose.

Good luck.

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