Aprilia off road race team

Just got a look at the first Aprilia MXV450 in the country on Friday night. 2 were flown in for GNCC racer Ryan Echols to race in this years GNCC series in the XC 1 pro class. The team is run out of Deep Creek,MD by Aprilia dealer Xtremepowersports. Ryan has been running the XC 2 class and is now moving up to the big bikes for 09. Xtreme owner Chad Montgomery has raced GNCC's for years and knows whats required to get the job done.

The bikes look awsome. Being a fuel injected v-twin is unique and power is adjustable from "big bang" or "sreamer" with some timing changes.

I'll try to post pictures later.

If you get a chance, stop by and talk to Ryan and look at the bike. He's a nice young man who's finally getting a real chance.:ride::p

Sounds good. Waiting for the pictures!!

Those Italians sure do make purdy bikes.....


hah aha and I got 1 of them perty bikes 2 LOL.Team dad how is that mxv compared to the rxv?I like them mx silencers on it,saw ryan at AF1 just cant post not a member there yet but I wish him the best . I also wonder if the rxv 450 has a map 2? I got 2 give Allen a call now that Im back from my vacation from mexico and get that sucka derestricted.Kind of irks me that a 9 grand bike is more corked up then a drz an then ya have to spend even more to have it derestricted.I just find that very unacceptable for that kind of money. yall have a great week and keep the rubber side down.

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