Advice on buying a 89 Honda CR500

hi, i've been out of bikes for years but i used to love these CRs back in the 80s. i have a neighbor who has one in his garage and said he almost killed himself on it but the guy is only 140 soaking wet. i'm about 240 and am not worried about being manhandled by the bike if i use any brains at all.

anyway, what's a 89 CR500 worth for fair price? it runs but probably needs to be gone through, i would guess, top end, seals, etc, which is going to cost some money.

any advice on what to look for on the bike for issues before i buy it and/or ideas about what would be fair to offer him. i am going to buy it, i just want to be fair to myself and to him.

thanks for any help and if i'm asking dumb question. i just joined and i don't claim to be any expert, but i've got a farm and woods to ride in now so want to get back into bikes.


1,000 bucks is a good price

X2 on price

put a flywheel weight on it and dont be afraid to mess with the jetting!!

thanks for the advice, i appreciate it.

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