Busted kick-start seal (2 times in a month!)

I have a 2005 450 MXC and I think I'm having problems with the e-starter gears. I heard this year had some issues with that, so that's why I've been having to kick it so much. Last ride I went on it e-started 95% of the time, but a few times I had to kick it and when I do it takes a while to get the engine to fire. The first time my seal busted the bike hadn't been kicked for quite a while and the seal was basically 4 years old so I didn't think much of it. The second time the new seal was only a month old and it busted again. The crappy part is I rode about 10 miles with the seal busted and leaking before I realized what happened.

Anyone have an idea about why the seal might be going so quick? Once I get the e-starter fixed I shouldn't have to kick it much, but I don't want to have to worry about it everytime I need to kick it for some reason.

The lip of the seal could have been pulled out when sliding the seal over the kickstart shaft spline. It's real sharp edged. Clean the shaft, and apply grease. After the cover is against the case, check it.

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