WR 450 ARRIVED!!!!!!

Finally after 3 month of japanese patience my baby arrived in St valentine's day. Just received and made all mods at the dealer's site. yesterday I emptied one tank mixing motocross and enduro hard terrain trails.

Nice things: i'ts a jet!!, softer suspension, nice weight and balance, confortable ergos, flat seat/tank, very very powerfull, and THE BUTTON works great, starts at first press.

Not Nice: front brake (maybe because its new),and it doesn't start if you stalled in gear, you must look for neutral.

MODS: YZ rear fender, front number plate.

acerbiss hand guards, thunder alley system (change jet from #150 to #165).

Skid plate, used a wr 426, fits well but needed to relocate two holes.

Congrats on your new ride, surely if you stall in gear you can roll start easily enough??

yes but if youre going up???? anyway she's a beauty

Where did you find a Rear fender that fit? Or did you have to mod it?

I had to kill myself and buy a YZ 450 it fits perfect, you only have to cut two slots on the left to allow coolant reservoir fixing points

Oh Man .... even Chile has them before us .....

Hope you enjoy the ride SEB416 and just have a quiet beer in remembrance for those of us still waiting, waiting, waiting

SEB what part of Chile are you in and hows the riding in your part of the world? My wife was born and raised in Santiago.....for the next family reunion should I bring the 450? :)

I'm from santiago and ride arround here, i have some rocky hills tracks, about 20 miles the whole circuit and it's just 15 minutes from home. It's a very technical place, and we have two others, faster and longer abouit 45 minutes driving. We ride almost the whole year round except wen it puors in winter that we miss a couple of week ends. And the best of it is we DON'T have any restrictios about sound, tires, exhaust etc. ( YET)as you see a little paradise.

Have you figured out yet, that the e-start works in any gear if you pull in the clutch?

Yeah the problem was that the original lever has a switch on it, I have an aftmkt one and what I did was to close the circuit of the left plug just behind the head light and now it works. I'm ashamed!!!!

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