swap my klx for kdx?

Hey everyone, im thinkin bout swapping my 05 klx300 for an 03 kdx220...i like my 300 but im used to riding 2strokes and that 300 of mine feels so gutless and heavy....just a possibility. Anyone out there have a chance to ride both of these bikes? any comments on this?

if you 2 strokes, you know the answer. other than that they're pretty much identical

i recently sold my kx250 for my klx. my kx had a flywheel weight, so it acted more like a kdx than a kx.

100% would NOT go back to that two smoke. but that is my opinion. while the 4 stroke requires value checking, etc. and some consider that a headache, my 250 also ate pistons by breaking off the piston skirt and allowing the shreds of the piston to fall into the case.

6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other. i personally like not having to deal with the nasty two stroke goo from the exhaust. haha. also, fitted with a proper carb and pipe, the klx power hits just as fast as my kx and wheelies easier(not that wheeling is important).

kdx's are all over ebay and craigslist for cheap. supply and demand concept maybe?:p

I would stay with the KLX 100%! I had the same bike same year! I wish I kept it .......but the I need too much power for trail riding syndrome caught my and I eventually went 450MX bike for the woods.....now I find myself wanting the KLX back.

Have you tried a JD jet kit?

Unpluggin the exhaust?

Removing the top of the air box?

New pipe and muffler?

Pumper carb?

All these put together will end up costing no more then the $1K you will need to fixing a possibly clapped out red sticker smoker.

That KLX is a tank and will tractor up anything!

i've ridden both. Out of the box they are very similar, but the KDX has MUCH more potential in it in my opinion. With some basic mods, it's much faster and lighter I think.

i think the kdx blows the klx out of the water...like what bills442 said it has much more potential than the klx...theres more aftermarket for it and its a 2 stroke!!

yea, go with the KDX

I owned a KDX 220. I dont miss mixing high priced 2 smoke oil. No matter what I did I could not eliminate the greasy mess on my swing arm from the exhaust. My Buddies appreciate not being smoked out when following me. Even though I had it geared for riding in the mountains It still lacked the low end torque of a four stroke.

I'd LOVE to get a 2-stroke. Less maintenance and more power? Count me in! I just don't have a pickup, so that's a bit of a hurdle. When I graduate college, I'd like to get a 2-stroke (by any manufacturer except Yammy) as a project to work on.

bad thing about the 220 is the forks are garbage you would have to do a front end swap or have the stock forks reprung

I had both a KLX250 and a KDX200 and my son had a KDX200. The KDX is probably the superior bike. However, like was said, the forks are total garbage. The KLX forks aren't much better, but are better. Otherwise, its the age old debate of 2 smoke vs 4 stroke.

kdx's are all over ebay and craigslist for cheap. supply and demand concept maybe?:p

wish they were in australia, I want a kdx and they are bloody rare here

I had a KLX 300 with a pumper carb and both the KDX 200 and 220. The KDX will out run the 300. Yeah the KDX front forks are old school but the 300 forks are certainly nothing to brag about either. Go the KDX. You will get more miles out of it then the 300 for less money.

I have both and I love both, but if it came down to it, the KLX would go before the KDX, with a fresh wiseco piston and proper jetting, the 220 is the funnest bike you will ever ride!! Either way you cant go wrong, my 220 does not smoke or spooge up the swing arm and is lightning fast! Heres a couple pics..... The KDX on the bottom actually has a black Clark tank now, but everything else is the same.



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