Tube Size for 4.00 x 18" Trials Tire, 100/100 or 110/100?

I picked up a Michelin X-11 trials tire (tube type) and will be using a Bridgestone UHD tube when I mount it. I need to know the best size tube to use.

100/100 or 110/100? Any suggestions? (and why)


Either one will work.

Not much difference running very low air pressure on trials tire.

Maybe you will get some more opinions on this.

doesnt matter

i'd stuff in whatever i had in the garage!

You might consider the Michelin 400 R 18 trials tube. Available from your dealer.

both will work.heavy/ultra duty tube + 4 oz slime+ 1 bead lock(check tightness every couple of rides)+8-10lbs of air=800+ hard rock infested root bound muddy trail miles on my 525 with no flatulance.dunlap 803 out back/stones ed 11 gritty up front is my favorite combo.:thumbsup:ive noticed a little more black comming out thru the valve stem with the trials tire vs a knobby on wet rides.imo it is due to the lower tire pressure & increased friction between the tube & tire."RIDE ON"

When we do long rides, we usually bring just front spares, as they can be used in the rear also. As long as its heavy duty tube with thick wall then GO for it !!

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