bolts rattling loose left and right

Ok i have a 95 yz 125 and for some reason the bolts keep rattling loose a torqued all the bolts that had torque specs and the ones that didnt i just tightened down. but for some reason i keep loosing some. like the bolt that holds the kickstart to the motor. it wont stay in. is this normal for 2 strokes, or am i doing something wrong?

I used to have the same problem...loctite....

trying using some blue lock tight, my radiator bolts from the shroud rattle loose all the time until i used lock tight which helped me. maybe itll work for you:thumbsup:

Check the torque on the motor mounts.

be cautious of wat locktite u use tho because believe it or not there are some faulty locktite making compay's out there. WARN makes awesome locktite that i used on my bike and not one bolt has come loose

1. make sure torque wrench is calibrated

2. make sure you take torque reading off DRY threads, if theres oil or debris on the bolt thread, your readings will be inaccurate

3. check if all bolts are OEM or aftermarket. If they are after market, someone may have put SAE bolts in metric holes.

4. make sure all female threads are in good condition.

otherwise, just put some locktite blue!

ok i will try that.

and how can you check to see if the bolts are aftermarket or not?

how to check aftermarket bolts?

check for bolt heads that look slightly different from other bolts in similar areas (like all the bolts that hold case covers, they should have the same bolt head). Look for bolts that look newer or older than other bolts. not all bolts are labeled :p

What i'd do is grab all the bolts that are habitually falling off and check the female and male threads. if they are reasonably clean, and the threads are whole, then i'd check the thread pitch with a metric thread ID tool. if none of the metric threads fit (1.0, 1.25,1.75 etc) then its likely an american bolt in a metric hole. but it might be that the previous owner tapped the hole with an american tap soo, uhh kinda in a pickle.

If the bolts rattling loose is a new thing, then i'd look elsewhere for the problem. if it's always been a problem, then i'd check for the stuff above.

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