pitbull 125

My friend bought a pitbull 125 pitbike recently, because he wanted to ride with me, but he can't keep up with my crf50, so he wanted to trade for one of my older 50's. But anyway, I did, and I have it now.

It has a bent rear axle, and needs 2 new bearings for the rear. and a new chain.

Where do I get parts for it, and or will crf 50/70 parts fit?

Any info on where to get parts is greatly appreciated

if this is a chinese import from what i've found and heard most crf50f parts and klx110 parts will bolt right up. the only thing i have found to be slightly different was the mounting bracket holes on crf50f exhaust going onto a china bike. you can also find places that sell china bike parts and are pretty inexpensive but you get what you pay for most of the time.

Ive got a pretty stock crf50 also, and the axle fits the rear, but its just 2 inches too short, so a klx110 might fit?

Im pretty sure its chinese, The body plastic, of the crf50 is perfectly mountable to the 125, weird, they have the same seat gas tank and plastics.

ya sounds weird but thats pretty much been the case ive found so far

yea, I see, so you think a KLX110 axle will fit it? I found that most of the main parts on this bike are cheap, like bendable and breakable.

The KLX axle is the same diameter as the CRF one, 12mm. On the wheel bearing races, there should be a part number somewhere (6004, 6201, or 6301, e.g.) for you to determine what bearings your particular wheel uses.

I found the bearings for it,I just took it to my local shop, but the axle, its the lame diameter as my 50's, but the length of it is too short

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