Close call...

Riding my local DS trails today, wore myself out and headed for the pavement. It usually takes me a while to calm down and ride street rules. I come to a nifty S turn and accelerate hard though the turn to about 60mph. The wind is blowing hard and I recently installed a new pipe and fuel programmer. I feel my back end start to swap like it broke loose from the new power, wind blowing or an oil slick. Instinctively I put my foot down and flat-track safely out of the first half of the S successfully keeping my momentum from slamming me into oncoming traffic. I think to myself "wow nice save" and hit the second part of the S with less force and it happens again. By now I realize my rear tube must have blown out! Pull over and yep. Valve stem is ripped off. Still not sure if that was the cause of air leak or the result. Called a buddy to pick me up. New heavy duty tube and a couple rim locks Tuesday. Fun.

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