Few pics from Mondon Hill MX

Windy windy!! My little 70lb rider didn't really like going up the face on the left side only to be blown 4 feet over to the right side, sometimes crossed up a bit!! Oh well he took it in stride and pounded out 2 30 minute moto's and killed the motor on the start of his 3rd moto. Jake's stepped up his riding guess I better step up in my mechanikin' ability!:p

Here's a shot of the "heart stop" step up, soon Jake will be in this shot.


I like this new jump Brian came up with, more technical the better. Heard a few panic revs on this from other riders today.


Downside on one of the bigger up and over the hill jumps. Picture doesn't do it justice on how steep the downside is, Jake loves pinning it on the landing and "drifting" the sweeper after it.




Looks great. I plan on getting out there on the big bike and mini's here soon. Seems everyweekend is booked :p

Nice pics!! I really like the last one,Jake's lookin' right at you,cool!!

these pictures just keep gettin better. but i do not have any races this weekend so i was wondering if your riding and if so what day?

We will be out at the track on Sunday by 10:00 a.m. come on out,there is some new stuff the guys have been working on!!


I didn't really put 2 & 2 together till I looked at the pics again (closer). That is where we had the FTR HS!!!!!!!!!!!!!(doh):ride: Plus the road name Mondon hill (double doh):p

If I get an invite can I ride the trails???? Is the LOG still there?


Sure you can come out to ride,but I'm not sure about riding the FTR trails,the man who owns the place has cows loose out there,and if they get stirred up they could go through a fence or get hurt (cows are pretty dumb!),ya know...so we just stay on the track to keep the cows & ppl safe..LOL

This is no longer an invite only track,come 1 come all!!


I didn't really put 2 & 2 together till I looked at the pics again (closer). That is where we had the FTR HS!!!!!!!!!!!!!(doh):ride: Plus the road name Mondon hill (double doh):p

If I get an invite can I ride the trails???? Is the LOG still there?


When I saw the pictures I thought the same. I knew the road name was the same, but didn't know there was going to be a MX track there! Very cool spot, with huge potential!!!!

Where is it and when can we ride there?I am off alot during the week and ever other weekend.

Just Sunday's for now these are 2 working stiffs just like me. But the track gets better every week, it's a huge layout and has yet to look crowded at all. If anyone has a big loader they could loan out or bring over on a Saturday this would be the biggest help to them right now. Like I said it's a huge layout with so much potential and they have the clay right on site, just moving it around with a dozer is slow going. That's why a weekend or two with a big loader and all that potential will have obstacles in place.

ahhh i cant wait to get out here. Seems every Sunday is booked :/

alright ill be there cant wait to see some of the new stuff.

everyone needs to come out on sunday , its exactly 4.5 miles from the hess station on mondon hill road, if you have a myspace add me

Thanks,I may make it out there this Sunday for sure.

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