TTR-250 burning oil problem

my 2003 ttr250 has recently started burning oil,can anyone tell me why this is? one of my friends suggested a gasket was gone.

How can you tell it's burning oil? If the exhaust is smoky white, the timing of the smoke (at start-up only, or when warmed up only, etc.) will help a great deal in determining what's gone wrong. If the bike does not smoke but the oil level drops noticeably, that's a totally different can of worms.

its smoking white and im afraid to leave it running too long because i may cause more damage,its also leaking oil from the exhaust where it connects to the engine

Valves might be worn but I cant even imagine them going out of spec that much on the TTR

could my buddy be right about a gasket gone? i was also in an accident where i was t-boned from the side

Is the bike hard to start? the rings might be getting tired alowing oil to go to the top of the piston.

no problem starting

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