Glen Helen National

Hey, I'm planning to fly down from Oregon to watch the National at Glen Helen. For those who have been there for a National what's the traffic like leaving? If I stay for the second 450 moto how long will it take to get from Glen Helen to Ontario airport? I'm wondering when I need to schedule the flight back since I have to be back in Oregon the next day. Thanks

Better make it a night flight.The last moto will run into the evening and the traffic will be horrible.

I've never been to Glen helen, but up here at Hangtown the traffic is horrible. Normally I'm not a jerk, but leaving the race I cut off about every other car and get flipped off by just as many. I 2nd the idea of the night flight.

traffic can be bad. I havent really been that stuck though. They usually do a good job with traffic, last year they did a good job getting people out.

This is California. Anything can happen. Better plan for the worse. Traffic is very unpredictable.

Thanks. I'll plan for 2 hours from end of moto 2 to back at the airport.

You have to remember that there is only one road in/out of Glen Helen. What typically happens is that people start leaving about 1/4 of the way through the last 450 moto. If you stay to the end, when you get to the parking lot, it doesn't look so bad because so many cars have already left. You get out of the lot and head down the road, everything still looking cool. Then you take the left turn at the CHP driving school and start to head out towards the highway and you quickly find the end of the line of cars trying to leave the area. This short stretch can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

I used to fly down from Norcal every year for this race, and there were several times where I barely made the last flight out. That said, the CHP has gotten better about getting traffic out of Glen Helen in the past couple of years. Just make sure you familiarize yourself with the roads in the area. Typically, when the CHP opens up the road so that both directions go out, they they funnel all of the traffic to the northbound route 66, which means that you have to go up to Glen Helen parkway to get back on the 215/15. It's not complicated, but also not that obvious if you haven't ever been there.

The last couple of years I parked off the 15 at the Glen Helen Pavilion and the traffic wasn't bad at all. It's a 20 minute walk from the car to the track, but the convenience was worth it.


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